Yet, O Lord, you are our Father; 
we are the clay, and you are our potter; 
we are all the work of your hand.
(Isaiah ch. 64 v 8)

June 2018 marks the 180th Anniversary of Salem Methodist Church.  the first building in 1838 was smaller and served the original rural cottages and the first terraced rows occupied by miners in the many coal pits.  The Chapel was rebuilt in 1874 as the village of Smallthorne grew as a result of the new industry and enterprise in the Ford Green Valley.

Mr Thomas walker was the founder of the Chapel.    Initially, he established the first Sunday School in Smallthorne in 1827 in his own cottage in Leek Road (now Ford Green Road) and this resulted in the first Methodist New Connexion Chapel in Smallthorne.

An exhibition of memorabilia in this month resulted in many visitors and former officials. however, Mr Andrew Stone (a former police inspector now living in Stone) attended, his father was a former minister of the Chapel in the 1960’s.

Mr Stone had traced his family history and discovered that the was the great great great great grandson of Mr Thomas Walker the founder.

The photograph shows Mr Stone with a photograph of his ancestor, the founder.

Also included is the present minister  Rev. Kim Kerchal and his wife Jane.

The 180th Anniversary Service led by Rev. Barry Shipley photographed above  with his wife Nancy and some members of the Salem choir after the service on June 10th,  2018.